Shell Jacket & How to dress in layers with the three-layer system

What is the 3-layer principle?

When practicing snowboard and ski, you need to protect yourself from the elements (snow, wind, rain, cold temperatures) by means of good perspiration management. The three-layer system helps you choose the right clothes while taking into account the weather conditions and the sport practiced.

The 3-layer principle is a clothing system consisting of three garment layers of the right materials and design, which can be added or removed based on weather conditions and activity.

The three layers are made up of:

Layer 1: Base Layer - Transportation

This is the wicking layer which transports away moisture from the skin and helps regulate body temperature. Sweat goes through the next layer of clothing so the base stays dry.

Layer 2: Mid Layer - Insulation

Mid layer garments have insulating properties which trap the warmth the body generates.

Layer 3: Outer Layer - Protection

This is the protective layer against external influences and weather conditions. For example, a waterproof jacket for rain or a windproof or down jacket for protection against cold.

Our Shell Waterproof Jacket are designed for the Outer-Layer to protect you from the elements.

The outer layer is crucial for when the wearer needs protection against the elements, including wind, rain and snow. This layer is normally lightweight and waterproof, and breathability is also highly recommended. These garments stop the elements from entering while avoiding overheating by allowing moisture and heat from the body to escape.

There are different types of outer layer, as detailed below:

Hard shells

These are breathable water resistant jackets, designed to defend against the most adverse conditions. They must have taped seams and suitable weather protection zips to be fully waterproof.

Soft shells

Depending on the weather conditions, the outer layer doesn’t necessarily have to be fully waterproof; water repellency may be sufficient. Soft shells provide excellent comfort, good wind resistance, and are sometimes more breathable than waterproofs. They can also act as an effective mid layer in cooler weather conditions when combined with a waterproof outer layer.

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